jelenity (jelenity) wrote in disneypins,

Roll Call!

Name you go by: Jelenity

Age: 26

How long have you been into Disney pins? For about 6 years, more if you count the occasional straggler pin I would droll over.
Why did you start collecting/trading? Because my Husband was and still is an Imagineer and he had a stash in his office he gave me as a present and then it all snowballed. LOL.

Do you collect any particular kind of pin? I collect the Imagineering pins, at times I trade the ones I don't like ^_^ Otherwise I LOVE LOVE LOVE Japanese pins! I am also into Milificent from Sleeping Beauty. Basically things I like are neat.

Favorite pin in your collection: My "LOST", all Disney character Island cast double post pin from the Imagineering Summer party back in California from a few years ago.

Pin you most want right now: Don't really have one that I can narrow it down to. I have several but since I have only seen a fraction of what is out there (I am sure) many are going to be impossible to get. So I don't stress over it. I trade as I see items that strike my fancy.

Pinpics ID (if you have one):  I can't remember It's either Jelenity or Serendipity Collections. I have to get in there and re-do my e-mail though. I am not sure if messages are being lost or that no one is interested in what I have. LOL.
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