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Pins for Trade? [20 Oct 2012|08:09am]

Just tossing this up here on a whim, but I wound up with a few pins I'm not overly excited about. So thought I'd see if anyone else might want to trade for them.
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Roll Call! [05 Sep 2010|03:32pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Name you go by: Mindy

Age: 26

How long have you been into Disney pins? Why did you start collecting/trading? I've been collecting for the past three years, and have three lanyards. I started because some of the pins were adorable, and I loved the idea of trading with cast members and other guests because I love to meet new people.

Do you collect any particular kind of pin? I mostly collect Stitch, Eeyore, Snow White, Fantasia, and now Mickey head pins. Sometimes I manage to find some Alice and Tinkerbell pins that I like enough to put in my collection.

Favorite pin in your collection: A Tinkerbell pin that a young girl traded with me. She had a new Tinkerbell lanyard and I gave her one of my Tink pins to "help start her off right". She said we had to trade "to make it even" and gave me the pin. I was so touched that I'm never going to trade it away!

Pin you most want right now: Stitch and Eeyore in Umbrella with ducks

Pinpics ID (if you have one): None yet.

I'm looking forward to seeing your collections and trading with you!

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Roll Call! [20 Jul 2010|09:50am]

Name you go by: Gina

Age: 20

How long have you been into Disney pins? Why did you start collecting/trading? A while ago, I think I was 9 or 10? I bought my first pin at the Disney store when they still sold them outside of the resorts. Almost ever year I go with my parents and that's when I splurge XD

Do you collect any particular kind of pin? Not really, but I can't help having so many Little Mermaid ones hahaha<3

Favorite pin in your collection: The first pin I got :]

Pin you most want right now: Theres a really cute pin of Eric and Ariel on the row boat during the "Kiss the Girl" song that I really like :] Oh and Kermit pins too I love him hahaah

Pinpics ID: ariel14
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Anyone want to trade that has Japanese pins..?? [24 Oct 2009|06:10pm]


Wondering if anyone got in anything Japanese they would like to trade out with ....??  I am looking for these... and many more that are listed on Pinpics under Jelenity


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The Disney Pins MMORPG [24 Aug 2009|06:03pm]

Someone at the Escapist has just likened pin collecting to playing an MMORPG (That's Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) like World of Warcraft.

It's kinda funny.

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MoP: EPCOT Pin Event 2009 [16 Jun 2009|03:06pm]

So! Who's going?

I'll be there all 4 days.
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Anyone go to or come back from Japan yet...?? [16 Jun 2009|01:05pm]

Looking for more Japanese pins to trade! Let me know. I am still activly looking to trade people. LOL.
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How do you display your pins? [14 May 2009|02:15pm]

I bought this case to display some of them but it only holds a small amount of pins. I'd really like to find a fun way to display them. Sorry about how they look the seem to shift alot in here.Photobucket
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Disney pins on eBay! [11 May 2009|04:01pm]

[ mood | enterprising ]

Hi everyone! I just found this community, and thought I'd mention that I've got some eBay auctions running right now for some Disney pins of various value and origin.

They can all be found here, on my eBay seller's page.

There are some Cast Member Exclusive pins in there, as well as some lanyard and limited edition pins. They're basically just extras that I don't have any need for in my personal collection, a few random pins that I've accumulated over the years.

All of the auctions start at just 99 cents, and they'll be running until this Sunday, May 17th. Please take a look if you're interested, and let me know if you have any questions about any of them. :)

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[08 Apr 2009|03:04am]

I was wondering if anyone can suggest where I can find one of those neat pin book/bags that I've seen people have in the park. I just don't want to play $40 for the bags in the park. I haven't had much luck on ebay for just the bag. Anyone have any ideas?
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Show & tell.... ^_^ [25 Mar 2009|10:42pm]

Here's a **VERY SMALL** digi pic of just a couple of my personal collection keepers..........
Preview of my collection.... Collapse )

Here is another small selection of my extras.........
Extras shown here ......Collapse )

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Looking for Japanese pins ...... [25 Mar 2009|10:33pm]

Does anyone have any Japanese pins they may want to trade with......?? I am collecting the ones I think are cool (not all Japanese pins) and in trade I have a lot of limited cast member pins. I am going to be at trade night this Friday at the Contemporary Hotel.

Thank you
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Roll Call! [25 Mar 2009|05:32pm]

Name you go by: Jelenity

Age: 26

How long have you been into Disney pins? For about 6 years, more if you count the occasional straggler pin I would droll over.
Why did you start collecting/trading? Because my Husband was and still is an Imagineer and he had a stash in his office he gave me as a present and then it all snowballed. LOL.

Do you collect any particular kind of pin? I collect the Imagineering pins, at times I trade the ones I don't like ^_^ Otherwise I LOVE LOVE LOVE Japanese pins! I am also into Milificent from Sleeping Beauty. Basically things I like are neat.

Favorite pin in your collection: My "LOST", all Disney character Island cast double post pin from the Imagineering Summer party back in California from a few years ago.

Pin you most want right now: Don't really have one that I can narrow it down to. I have several but since I have only seen a fraction of what is out there (I am sure) many are going to be impossible to get. So I don't stress over it. I trade as I see items that strike my fancy.

Pinpics ID (if you have one):  I can't remember It's either Jelenity or Serendipity Collections. I have to get in there and re-do my e-mail though. I am not sure if messages are being lost or that no one is interested in what I have. LOL.
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Roll Call .. [16 Mar 2009|03:06am]

Name you go by: Tie

Age: 21

How long have you been into Disney pins? Why did you start collecting/trading?they are just soo cute and my whole family kind of does we love it and we always trade while down at disney

Do you collect any particular kind of pin? snow white, Bambi,Dumbo,cinderella, and the ones where the characters are dressed like others those are my favorites( and I perfer Disneyland but I love all the parks)

Favorite pin in your collection:
The kiss snow white

Pin you most want right now:
any of the dumbos I dont have I guess
Pinpics ID (if you have one):
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Roll Call! [12 Jan 2009|06:17pm]

Name you go by:Kerri

Age: 26

How long have you been into Disney pins? Why did you start collecting/trading? i bought my first pin this New Year's Eve

Do you collect any particular kind of pin? I'm obsessed with Figment

Favorite pin in your collection: I just won an auction for a Cast Exclusive limited edition Figment pin that will be my fave as soon as it comes in.

Pin you most want right now: I desperately want the Disney Pin Badge Imagineering Exclusive Figment LE 300

Disney Figment Piece of History Journey Imagination Pin
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Our collection! [24 Nov 2008|07:54pm]

I took a picture of our pin collection today and I just had to share with somebody!

For your viewing pleasureCollapse )
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Roll Call [31 Oct 2008|01:02am]

First, I'd like to say, Happy Halloween!!! Ok, now on to the roll call.

Name you go by: Rachel

Age: 17

How long have you been into Disney pins? Why did you start collecting/trading?

I have been into Disney Pins since I was about 9. I started collecting and trading because I found out that it was fun to do and I enjoy it.

Do you collect any particular kind of pin?

I  collect pins from the Nightmare Before Christmas, the Haunted Mansion, Tinker Bell, Alice in Wonderland, Cheshire Cat, Chernabog, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.

Favorite pin in your collection:

Thats a hard question. I don't really have a favorite.

Pin you most want right now:

Thats a hard question too. I have many that I want right now.

Pinpics ID (if you have one): RaChEltheRabidRabbit
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Roll Call! [18 Oct 2008|01:41pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Name you go by:


How long have you been into Disney pins? Why did you start collecting/trading?
I never really gave Disney pins much thought until this year when I moved to Anaheim and got my AP. I started collecting initially, but now I'm starting to trade a little bit.

Do you collect any particular kind of pin? I'm not really into a certain category or character... I go for pins that have a nostalgia factor - the ones that remind me of my childhood. :)

Favorite pin in your collection:
My first trade is still my favorite pin! Tailor Mickey

Pin you most want right now:
I'd love to get one of the ride poster ones for either Pirates or Haunted Mansion.

Pinpics ID (if you have one):

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Hello! [03 Sep 2008|10:00pm]


Finally, the LAST of my pins. :( Well...except for my Little Mermaid ones.

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Unexpected Pin Encounter! [30 May 2008|09:33am]

As a pin trader in western PA who's not been to the World for nearly two years, my pin collecting opportunities are naturally few and far between- I deliberately refrain from browsing the pins section on the Disney website to prevent myself from buying more (I've acquired about ten that way since my last parks visit). So imagine my surprise when I visited Prime Outlets in Grove City, PA with my wife and in-laws over the weekend, walked into a store selling surplus Disney merchandise...and saw a long table covered with bins of pins! They were all official, all from Disneyland (I prefer Disney World, but I'm not going to quibble), and there were several dozen available, mostly pins from 2005-2007. I limited myself to 3- two PotC (one with Jack Sparrow sitting in a pile of treasure, another with the face of Davy Jones in a 3D picture frame dripping with seaweed), and one Jungle Cruise (with a rhino chasing a man up a tree). Commemorative Disneyland pins, chibi-style Pooh characters, several other PotC and Jungle Cruise pins, and numerous individual characters rounded out the selection, but I managed to restrain myself.

So if any of you live close to Grove City, PA, and want a chance to browse a good variety of Disney pins close to home, go check it out!
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