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Roll Call!

Name you go by: Mindy

Age: 26

How long have you been into Disney pins? Why did you start collecting/trading? I've been collecting for the past three years, and have three lanyards. I started because some of the pins were adorable, and I loved the idea of trading with cast members and other guests because I love to meet new people.

Do you collect any particular kind of pin? I mostly collect Stitch, Eeyore, Snow White, Fantasia, and now Mickey head pins. Sometimes I manage to find some Alice and Tinkerbell pins that I like enough to put in my collection.

Favorite pin in your collection: A Tinkerbell pin that a young girl traded with me. She had a new Tinkerbell lanyard and I gave her one of my Tink pins to "help start her off right". She said we had to trade "to make it even" and gave me the pin. I was so touched that I'm never going to trade it away!

Pin you most want right now: Stitch and Eeyore in Umbrella with ducks

Pinpics ID (if you have one): None yet.

I'm looking forward to seeing your collections and trading with you!
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