scholarinexile (scholarinexile) wrote in disneypins,

Unexpected Pin Encounter!

As a pin trader in western PA who's not been to the World for nearly two years, my pin collecting opportunities are naturally few and far between- I deliberately refrain from browsing the pins section on the Disney website to prevent myself from buying more (I've acquired about ten that way since my last parks visit). So imagine my surprise when I visited Prime Outlets in Grove City, PA with my wife and in-laws over the weekend, walked into a store selling surplus Disney merchandise...and saw a long table covered with bins of pins! They were all official, all from Disneyland (I prefer Disney World, but I'm not going to quibble), and there were several dozen available, mostly pins from 2005-2007. I limited myself to 3- two PotC (one with Jack Sparrow sitting in a pile of treasure, another with the face of Davy Jones in a 3D picture frame dripping with seaweed), and one Jungle Cruise (with a rhino chasing a man up a tree). Commemorative Disneyland pins, chibi-style Pooh characters, several other PotC and Jungle Cruise pins, and numerous individual characters rounded out the selection, but I managed to restrain myself.

So if any of you live close to Grove City, PA, and want a chance to browse a good variety of Disney pins close to home, go check it out!
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